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Install, port forward 22 to the that box, and then (assuming you are on a windows box at work) grab (google for putty, it's the second choice) and go. However, the main reason for asking this question the way I did, is that I don't want to open up port 22. And if you set it up the way I do, it's almost impossible for someone else to get in via SSH.Edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and make three changes.When the table is provided via other means such as NIS, LDAP or SQL, the same lookups are done as for ordinary indexed files.

Users can control delivery of their own mail by setting up .forward files in their home directory.

Make a copy of the following line (uncomment it) and remove the 1.

#Protocol 2,1 Protocol 2 Next; do not allow root to log in directly.

Hello all, When you create a new list using newlist the /etc/aliases file is notautomatically updated.

I understand that this used to be done in previousversions, but that the alias file update is currently broken. I want to deploy mailman at a clientssite, and really need an automatic update.

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Force someone to log in as a regular user, then "su -" to root...

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