Updating customer records

For more information about concurrency control in AIF, see Concurrency When Updating Data.

After reading the data, you must submit an XML message that sends the data to be updated into AIF.

Update functionality is exposed through the Whether you are issuing a full or partial update, you must first read the data from the Microsoft Dynamics AX database.

This is necessary because AIF uses concurrency control to determine whether the records being updated have already been changed by another user.

A full update is specified in one of two ways: When performing a full update, there are certain rules that AIF follows with regard to child data; for example, if you are updating a customer and the customer addresses (the child records of the customer record).

For example, if a customer who has one address exists in the database and the message that is submitted for update contains: In the previous scenario, the field values for the record that is created will come from the fields in the submitted message; any table fields that are not in the submitted message will be cleared according to the rules for the field's data type.

If an element is in the table (the schema) but the corresponding data element is not in the submitted XML, then the table field is cleared according to the rules for the data type of the field.

An address book record for a customer must exist in the system before you can enter a customer master record.

When you enter a customer master record, you specify these types of information: On the Customer Master Revision form, complete the steps to enter a standard customer record and then click OK.

This code designates all sales and VAT information for that specific address to print on the report listing.

Specify whether to display the Tax ID field when you add a customer record. If you hide this field, the field is unavailable for input. Specify the default value for the Search Type field on the Work with Customer Master form.

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