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So, if you just updated your Galaxy S5 to the recent lollipop update, read on as I will guide you on how to troubleshooting this annoying “Updating contact list” issue with your phone. I restarted, took battery out all of that and nothing.

But before we go any further, if you are experiencing different issues, visit our Samsung Galaxy S5 Troubleshooting page as we’ve already addressed hundreds of problems before. And once completed my contacts are no longer existing. And in my text message app it just shows the number no name. — Lauren Troubleshooting: Lauren, if your contacts are saved locally (in your phone), then turning on the sync will fix the problem. Contact list continually says ‘updating contact list’ and never resolves. But when I type in a name to text, name associated with number still comes up.

Start thinking about things that you know about the person, and the extent of the information that you usually include for your contacts. Do you enter a city or state for your contacts and, if so, do you know that information for this contact?

Do you know a sequence of letters in their name or email address that you know you entered correctly?

Find an issue that is related or the same as yours and try the solutions we provided. You may fill up this form and provide all necessary information about your phone and the problem. Just curious if you could be of any help or do I need to take my phone into the store to get fixed. Unless the phone was reset during the update (it happens sometimes), all your contacts remained in your phone untouched and the Contacts app is trying to access them but it’s taking a long time to do so. Troubleshooting: Yeah, I know this problem could be stubborn sometimes but you did great by disabling the sync and doing the soft reset.

The more information you provide, the easier for us to help you. Now, there’s one thing I want you to try since the problem occurred after an update–wiping the cache partition.

Maybe you were clearing out your address book and accidentally highlighted the wrong person, or maybe someone was using your computer and made a simple mistake.

However, sometimes you just cannot locate the person in your Outlook email address book and the window of opportunity that you have to relay some important information could be slipping through your fingers.

But there are a couple of different places you can look if you want to know how to find lost contacts in Outlook 2010, so don’t panic until you have investigated these locations for the contact information that you know should be available.

Click the Deleted Items folder in the column at the left side of the window to show the entire contents of the folder.

If there are a small number of items in this folder, you shouldn’t have any trouble locating the missing contact.

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