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I refuse to hang some boring old globe fixture in any room of my house.We've thrifted and salvaged the coolest (I think) collection of chandeliers and light fixtures around.Be sure to leave the original silver jump rings attached to each end of your strand, as these are what you’ll use to attach to the jump rings you made.Slide the crystal chain’s jump ring onto the one you made and attach your jump ring to the chandelier along each arm.Since I still like the chandelier and it works just fine, I didn’t want the expense of buying and installing something new, especially when a small DIY project was all that was needed!

Just by loosening one screw at the top I was able to disassemble all of the nesting parts that create the ornate shape of the chandelier (I laid them out in the line above so I could remember their order).Flip your breaker and take down your old fixture, replacing it with your swanky new chandy.Stand back and admire your handiwork for this simple, quick fix that cost you next to nothing.I was going to embellish with crystals and danglers and some little feathered birds from the craft store, but was so chuffed with how it looked that I called it done.I thought it looked pretty vintage and went well with my old hanky collection hanging in my sewing room.

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What it left was this long center post so I could begin spooling things back onto it.

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