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More information on testing is available in Compatibility Testing Scenarios.

NET Framework SDK documents and articles describe side-by-side in further detail and how to configure your application to run a particular release of the . NET Framework releases can be installed "side-by-side" on a single computer, in the same way that a user can install multiple versions of an application such as Office (for example, Office XP and Office 2003 on one computer). NET Framework releases run side-by-side in different processes.

These are not necessarily changes that we have found to be breaking an application; rather, these are changes in behavior discovered during design review and testing that could potentially impact an application.

Indeed, in all of our application compatibility testing, fewer than 10 of these have been found to impact an application.

There are fewer than 5 of these throughout the entire . The second, more common type of breaking change is a behavior breaking change where the behavior of a method changed.

Examples of this type of change include changing the exception thrown due to a particular error and changing the precision of floating point operations. NET Framework 2.0 were reviewed in detail and are documented here.

In almost all cases these changes were made due to security concerns.NET Framework will run using the version of the Framework it was built against if that version is installed on the computer. On the occasions where application code built against the . NET Framework 2.0 and encounters a breaking change, the application may fail.The following table specifies the loading behavior of applications under different configurations of the . The situations where this is possible are indicated by the bolded cells in the table above.NET Framework 2.0: Developers can mitigate the possibility of an application being impacted by changes to the .NET Framework by following one of the tactics described below.

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