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That way, you both have time to give into your guilty tech pleasures in a way that doesn't harm your marriage. But if you find that you truly are hashing out the same issue all the time, it's worth sitting down and getting to the root of the problem. W., a couples counselor and author of You're not alone: Channing Tatum admitted that his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, wasn't always happy with his alcohol-guzzling habits.

A marriage meeting with you, a bottle of wine, and a chance to talk interruption-free that focuses on something specific—say, feeling overwhelmed by the kids' schedules or the fact that vacation planning brings up some financial insecurities—can help, says Bob Taibbi, L. But watch what you're sipping as well—one study found that married women drink more than their single friends.

Sure, you wish you didn't have to tell him but letting him know what you're thinking is a much better way of getting the help you desperately need.

Men snore twice as much as women, thanks to their larger oropharynx (the space behind the tongue).

The best way to ensure your husband pulls his weight is to be specific about what you want—kid cleanup, dinner prep, laundry loading—and let him do it his way.

"If you stand over him, telling him how to do everything, he'll back off because it'll seem like it's easier to just let you handle it," says Charles J.

But even though it's understandable (during daylight hours), it doesn't make it less irritating.

From small adjustments, like using a humidifier or nasal strips, to bigger things, like a CPAP machine or surgery, you've got options.

You'd think he would be able to see a basic household need — like a garbage can with no liner or a crying child — and jump in to fix it without being told.

Yet so many wives say they have to call their husbands' attention to basic things and then instruct them in how to do them. A 2016 study found that not only do women do the lion's share of the housework but both genders also expect that this will be the case and think that men just aren't as good at that kind of thing. If you don't want this situation to continue in your household, it's time to speak up.

That way, foreplay starts well before you two hit the sheets.

RELATED: These 17 Celebrities Had the Biggest Divorce Settlements Even though he may have purchased that flat screen as a surprise for you, the fact that the two of you didn't discuss a big purchase is a problem—and may indicate that you need to have an honest conversation about financial transparency, says Taibbi.

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Researchers suggest this is likely a result of couples falling into some less-than-healthy habits.

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