Txtboxempty validating

The pop-up text comes from the “invalid Message” parameter.

Sometimes the popup message supplied by invalid Message attribute may be unnecessary.

Of course, you don't verify (as Ashton mentioned) if your entries are empty or not, and you directly use those unverified "credentials" as real.

and for a known admin or system active directory account the "Admin Form" form?

if the invalid popup will not be displayed then there must be clear instructional text indicating the field is required.

Validation Text Box also supports functions that generate regular expressions. With the method you'd check if the account and password match. Please mark this as the answer, if it was what you were looking for. The Check User Input() is a new method, which I added as an example. For example, omitting a required field already displays an icon when the cursor leaves the field.In these cases you can omit the “invalid Message” parameter, but keep in mind that good labels and instructions are still necessary for accessibility, i.e.

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Note that a Validation Text Box by itself The regular expression syntax comes directly from Java Script.

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