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When I first came here, some expat woman warned me about Libyan men.Or to be more exact, about attitude that they carry for "western woman".“I am feeling heartbroken for what is happening in Libya, this beautiful country which was destroyed and whose people are noted for their hospitality,” stated Metropolitan of Tripoli, who settled in Libya in 1991. Old Gospels, chalices, cherubim, censers, one of which we had been given by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.Those who stole the holy objects contacted the president of the community and asked for money in order to return them. Anastassiou reported the incident to the police, but as things are at the moment, noone will deal with this matter,” he said. George located in Libya, in Tripoli, dating back to 1647 was ransacked.

Theophylaktos, who has been in Greece since late June. The thieves stole the shrine of our patron saint which I had brought from Mount Athos.

If you do not wear hijab (head scarf) and come from Libya there is not much you can do.

(Arabic arbulus; ancient Oea), capital of Libya, on the Mediterranean Sea, in the northwestern part of the country.

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