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However, it can also influence how much you will pay for car insurance.The connection between credit rating and car insurance may seem odd to consumers, but it is an essential combination for insurers.Before you start dreaming about the perfect wedding day or what life will be like with 2.5 kids and a dog, you need to know you’re on the same page about important issues.While many people think nothing of talking about how many kids they want or where they will live, they are uncomfortable discussing someone’s credit.Dating while being that young is not about finding a lifelong mate.If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, that is fine too. I guess you could, but you are still young for a serious relationship. When you are a kid or a teenager, you can just have a fun time and meet new people.That’s not good news for consumers who rely on credit reports for new credit and loans.

How to Bring Up the Subject of Credit Talking about money is still often easier than discussing credit, but you need to have this discussion.

You may not be sure what that means for you and for your credit score.

It’s an important term you should understand to help you improve your credit score.

Even if you have discussed finances in general, you need to know about their credit rating.

Preliminary Information Before you broach the subject, you can find out some information on your own just by observations.

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It’s not just about how they feel about money, but about any mistakes they’ve made in the past.

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