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Togo is an Ewe (pronounced Ev'hé) word meaning "lake" or "lagoon." Togo is named after the town of Togoville, where Gustav Nachtigal signed a treaty with Mlapa III in 1884, establishing a German protectorate. The coastal region is low-lying, sandy beach backed by the Tokoin plateau, a marsh, and the Lake Togo lagoon.

Ibis, herons, pelicans, parrots and other bird species are found around Lake Togo.The climate is warm and humid on the coast, but drier and slightly cooler in the north.The climate is tropical and humid for seven months, while the dry, desert winds of the Harmattan blow south from November to March, bringing cooler weather though little moisture.As the couple has been going very strong with their relationship there is almost no chance of a divorce to occur in their lives.He is not dating anyone else and this means he does not have a girlfriend also.

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