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We need to concentrate on our strengths because we are quietly going about our business in the Premier League at this time."It is going to be the biggest test we have faced this season so far."I don't think marriage will change our relationship - I hope not anyway," he said.

"And I don't see why a footballer would want to be with them either." Her comments are a departure from how she felt about the wives and girlfriends last year, when Slade said: "They're all lovely girls who just want to have fun and support their men." advertisement She also said Victoria Beckham was a "role model" and that Cheryl Cole was "beautiful and friendly". That takes serious dedication in a career with plenty of other opportunities and we here at Player Wives commend them.While she got along with the other wives, her focus remained on school.They also ran Pep Guardiola's team close in the corresponding league fixture last season as Walcott gave the visitors the lead before they slipped to a 2-1 defeat.The England international is unlikely to start at the Etihad this time around but feels Arsenal can make life difficult for their hosts.

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