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"Kelly is dating Matthew Mosshart," sources confirm exclusively to us.

Matthew is a chef and also happens to be the brother of Allison Mosshart from the band The Kills, which features Kat Moss' husband.

DEREK BLASBERG: Do you see this dichotomy you have, being both a cute American girl and a tough-as-nails English rocker? BLASBERG: What I mean is, if I saw you in one of your music videos, looking all sullen and broody, I wouldn’t say, “This girl is totally going to be my best friend.”MOSSHART: Ha! I did at Lollapalooza, which was outside and about 115 degrees.

But performing is one thing, and day-to-day stuff—like the way you talk to people—is totally different. The stage was black, and we felt like we were melting—the bottoms of my shoes were literally smoking.

T-shirts and really thin shirts are good because I get hot and sweaty when I’m jumping around.

BLASBERG: How do you get yourself ready for a performance? No offense, but every time I’ve seen you perform you’ve worn the same leopard-print blouse over an old T-shirt. Mainly that’s because of temperature reasons and movement reasons. MOSSHART: When I’m done playing I look like I’ve just jumped in a pool. I would look out to the audience, and all I could think was, You are stealing all my oxygen!

It seems that during a night out at Li Lo's fave hotspot, Chiltern Firehouse, the London visitor got confronted by the supermodel. It seems like the supermodel, who arrived at the Westbourne Grove in her usual rocker chic ensemble and YSL pumps, was only there to support her hubby Jamie Hince and his band The Kills because she didn't bother to sit by or take a pic with Max. Besides, it's not like Mossy owed the man anything. Slimane recently moved his studio to El Lay which explains the dark, witchy-occult feel of the 1960s and 70s inspired collection.

Leon was said to be "embarrassed" because he "deliberately booked The Kills, which isn't his kind of music, and had expected her to sit at his table". Some argue it's a little too cool for YSL school, but those are probably the same people who kicked and screamed over the logo redesign.

Wonder if Mossy gave Jamie any tips on how to properly work the camera? A whole slew of odd-but-awesome celebs were reportedly in attendance, including Marilyn Manson, Kelly Osbourne, and Oh this just sounds musically MAGICAL…

Some of the most interesting and super-talented contemporary artists have lent their various stylings to a forthcoming, unnamed Fleetwood Mac tribute album!

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