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‘ATL’ actress Lauren London caught a lot of backlash after getting knocked up by rapper Lil Wayne.Because of the crazy criticism the actress decided to never show their child to the public, to protect him from the cruel online haters. “@teyanataylor I can’t lie we in the same city I’m goin to see her,” the caption on his post read. Subscribe to Kollege Kidd You Tube Channel by clicking here. Lil Durk posted a seductive photo to IG of a toned Miss Taylor doing her thing on the beach.

Where the keys to the whip and crib and where the address at? The Def Jam artist was apparently in the same vicinity as Taylor and made it a mission to link up with the Harlem songstress.The “Hittaz” rapper tweeted his affection to Kim Kardashian. You can also stay up-to-date by liking Face Book Page by clicking here This entry was posted in Music and tagged lil durk, lil durk crush on teyana taylor, lil durk new music, lil durk signed to the streets 2, lil durk teyana, lil durk teyana taylor, teyana taylor. Ray J even has his own dating wheel, which gives credence to Vince Staples' mind-blowing Theory of Ray J. View below and in the image gallery to see how the love lives of rappers, singers, and their ilk intersect.One of Lil' Wayne's children was involved in a fight in a video that went viral on Thursday.

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[Verse 2] Now I was born in the boot at the bottom of the map New Orleans baby, now the White House hating Trying to wash us away like we not on the map Wait, have you heard the latest They saying that you gotta have paper if you trying to come back Niggas thinking it's a wrap See we can't hustle in they trap, we ain't from (Georgia) Now it's them dead bodies, them lost houses, the mayor say dont worry bout it And the children have been scarred, no ones here to care bout 'em And fat shout, to all the rappers that helped out Yeah we like to thank all of y'all, but fuck President (Georgia) Bush When you see them Confederate flags, you know what it is A white cracker muthafucka that probably voted for him And no he ain't gonna drop no dollars, but he do drop bombs R.

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