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Our first four of five albums were really hard for me because I found it really difficult to be given feedback.

I took any change as a criticism of the music I was making, so I found collaboration incredibly difficult, especially with Sara.

It was sort of obvious right from the beginning that it was gonna be everybody’s sad, weepy breakup song.

Even when I wrote it, I remember calling Sara and her girlfriend in the middle of the night in Montreal and telling them to wake up and go listen, and I was like, “I think I wrote something really sad, accidentally.” It was very cathartic, which throughout the early part of our career, I had rejected that word — like when people would be like, “Do you find writing cathartic?

It still feels the same performing it now, though obviously, we’ve updated it.

(2007)At that point, Sara had written “Walking With a Ghost,” and that had done really well for us.

But this was probably the first song that I wrote that had a connection with the audience, which I hadn’t yet had a song accomplish.

Ladies love Lauren, and they especially enjoy her camaraderie with fellow Hot 100 winner and bandmate Camila Cabello.

Together, they make up Camren, a shippable duo that has Tumblr lit with GIFs and spilling the tea on the two’s chemistry.

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