Taylor swift dating shorter guy

Click Here Click Here Click Here The difference is more like 3-4 cm in a couple of those pics, but Sandler has terrible posture as always.

I'm not saying he actually is 2 inches taller than Taylor, but it's easily an inch and a half, imo.

I went to the lobby in slippers and he was arguing about his view. said on 3/Aug/16Neither of them is standing straight, but here he is recently with 5'10.5" John Stamos: Click Here Click Here To be honest, I'm not sure the footwear (though Taylor has a pechant for boots: Click Here), and you can't tell much, but something else to add to the pile. Editor Rob: out of bed we kind of are guessing a lot more that someone shrinks around average, but some might shrink only half inch while others shrink a good inch or more.

I stood next to him and was shocked that I'm an inch or two taller. said on 1/Aug/[email protected] for sure he is not 5'5'' BUT pay attention to the pic you posted: they are walking both so they are not straight, he is wearing sneakers (quite thick this type) and she is in ballerina shoes which they are flat; moreover she has a bent knee. said on 17/Apr/16I initially thought he was shorter, like 170cm but here he is next to 159cm Kelly Rippa and 194cm Michael Strahan. Click Here He does look about 15cm taller than Kelly and about 20cm shorter than Michael so 174cm seems right if no shoe advantage. 5ft 9.25 out of bed might be more possible a range.

Anyway, here is Taylor with the 5'9" singer: Click Here Even taking into account a possible growth for Austin, it'd only seem to be a quarter inch or so, and Austin is clearly at least an inch taller.

If you don't like it or respect rob's opinion ( which you don't) than leave.

I'd take a half-inch off this listing to be quite honest.

said on 8/Jul/15Rob,new moon on the set beetween march to may 2009,at the times he is 17 years old and 2 mounts,you say he is 174cm in 2009 at 19 years old in the second movie (new moon),in comic international con on july 2009 he can look 5ft8.25in ,are you agree he is regulary 5ft8in 1/8 in the second movie?

Even in the case Mahone has grown, it appears it'd have only been by no more than a half-inch, which still wouldn't explain this 5'8.5" listing to Taylor. said on 15/Sep/[email protected] Is this the pic you're talking about?

Click Here We can't see shoes there but Mahone is looking 2in taller than Lautner.

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Maybe not much, if anything under this, but his "official" height of 5'10" is probably with those shoes!

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