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The loss of her job becomes an opportunity to connect with other aspects of who your sister is as a person, rather than seeing her as your sister who has an unfair advantage in the world.

You give your sister a new meaning: that of a person in need of your support and perhaps not always as lucky as you had thought.

Paradigms provide a starting place to help understand what is being witnessed in day-to-day life and in experiments.

If you imagine that paradigms are like lenses in a pair of eyeglasses, there are several different lens styles worn by sociologists and symbolic interactionism is one of them.

All of this is based on the social interactions you have, the language used to communicate, and the symbolic meaning you give to these events and thoughts.

Many sociologists argue that the theory is too wide-ranging in what it tackles to give clear direction on understanding the nature of how reality is socially constructed.

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You and she grow closer as she expresses appreciation for your help and solicits advice from you on how to move forward.

Your role changes from that of a critical onlooker who is jealous to one who is needed for support and compassion.

Imagine you have a sibling with whom you have had a rivalry your whole life.

You see your sister as having always received an unfair bias, getting what she wanted more than you have.

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Those who utilize the framework respond that it is a good foundation for theories and that it doesn't claim to be specific enough for use on its own.

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