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And with a Nest Aware subscription, you can even get personalized alerts based on who is in the house (e.g.

the name of a family member, the dog sitter or a stranger).

Through the Works with Nest program, third-party products can securely connect with Nest devices to make homes safer, more energy efficient, and more aware.

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Instead of just showing you what’s happening, Nest Cam IQ is smart enough to differentiate between a person and your cat and can alert you accordingly - with no subscription required.

When it detects a person, it can send a person alert to your phone and will automatically zoom in on and track the person in the frame so you can get better information about who they are and what they’re doing.

The company focuses on simple, beautiful and delightful hardware, software and services.With two-step verification, you can select an optional extra layer of security for your Nest account, and with automatic over-the-air updates, your camera can be automatically updated against the latest threats.Having a security camera doesn’t matter if you’re not watching your video stream at the right time, so Nest Cam IQ comes with intelligence out-of-the-box so you know what’s happening, when it matters. When Nest Cam IQ identifies that there’s a person within the camera’s field of vision – rather than a pet or a shadow on the wall – it can send a special alert with a curated zoomed-in photo.Person alerts is only available on previous Nest Cam models with a Nest Aware subscription. When customers check the app to see what’s happening, they’ll see a high-definition picture-in-picture experience, including a full 130-degree view of the room, and a close-up tracking view of the person in the home.That means you can see the details of a face, as well as the overall context of the room.

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Nest Cam IQ is expected to begin shipping by the end of June.

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