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Advice to a fifteen year old girl: don’t have sex with fifteen year old boys if you want to have decent sex…Um…You know, all I can think of is what I would say to my fifteen year old self. And the internet has sold my music forever – when it was physical CDs all the way to when it became MP3s. But as far as social networking, I rely on my own social skills. And I never had a deal or a label ever in the twenty years I’ve been an independent musician. Whereas, I would look at them and they would have so many fucking piercings in their face, they looked like a god damned tackle box – jangling at me with their bullshit. The musician/playwright/actor, who was named Susan Storm Large 45 years ago looks like a younger, prettier, punkier version of actress Kim Cattrall of “Sex and the City” fame.Large, who is 6 feet tall in her bare feet (“It doesn’t make it easier when it comes to dating,” Large cracked) stands out in other ways.We discussed her music, sex, her recovery from a heroin addiction, growing up with a mentally ill mom, her book, the future of the publishing industry, sexism in the music industry, boob jobs, an amazingly simple recipe for pot candy, and so much more. So, with that, I really have big walls and boundaries. You know, younger people are like, “Oh yeah, totally. But I still feel like people who rely on the internet and electronic communication for their RELATIONSHIPS and for their bonding experiences to other human beings, to me it still kind of describes a very specific personality, a more introverted person that I wouldn’t really want to hang out with anyway.

And as soon as the thought of “maybe I should die” happened, I started to swing up out of it. And that’s why I was like, no matter how bad shit ever gets I will kill myself. So as soon as that thought actually became clear in my head – if you died, you wouldn’t feel this way – that’s when I started to put on the brakes inside my own head.

“I like to keep it interesting when I sing,” Large said.

Some of you may have become familiar with Storm Large when she was a contestant (and finalist) for lead singer on 2006’s Rockstar Supernova, which, according to Wikipedia, was “a reality television-formed supergroup consisting of drummer Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe), bassist Jason Newsted (Voivod and ex-Metallica), and guitarist Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N’ Roses).” As many of you know, Storm has continued to build a name for herself as an independent musician, stage performer, and, soon, as a novelist. You’re too crazy right now.” [pause – Storm starts singing “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner] No.

And that’s why I was fucking strangers and that’s why I was being such a shit. And so I did anything, anything, anything to feel like anybody loved me just for a minute.

Or there’s a community of other people – a small collection. And there was this body near me and we were feeling this…I was feeling this euphoria.

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