Stop being so accommodating

At no point did Steve Gaines or anyone else force Southern Baptists to do something they didn’t want to do.

At no point were Southern Baptists wringing their hands over how we would look in the media if we didn’t do something.

” The message is that you have to actually be there to really understand what is going on.

Last week, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a resolution “On the Anti-Gospel of Alt-Right Supremacy.” It was not without some controversy.

However, it became clear fairly quickly that the resolutions committee had misjudged the desire of the convention and something needed to be said about the topic.

Because the SBC follows Robert’s Rule of Order, parliamentary procedure dictated how the relevant committees, the chair, and ultimately the messengers should move forward.

Take your time to get to know him before you start being all about him and his needs.

It’s fine to be intrigued — like you’re on the verge of being interested — but don’t let yourself get totally sold too fast.

Burr laments that, “no one else was in the room where it happened.” Of course, Burr harbors some significant political ambitions himself, so before the song ends, he switches to singing, “I’ve gotta be in the room where it happens!Again, we no doubt have a long way to go—but we’ve also come a long way.And as Russell Moore so eloquently said at the convention, playing off of a famous quote from Martin Luther King Jr., “the arc of history is toward Jesus.” This is the bottom line: if you weren’t in the room where it happened, then you really don’t know.A revised resolution was prepared on Tuesday evening, it was presented to the convention on Wednesday morning, and that afternoon the SBC voted by a 99% margin to adopt the resolution.What I just recounted is a condensed, but accurate account of what happened.

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