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In 2007, Asian Americans were implicated in cheating scandals, shooting sprees, and political corruption.

For example, the widespread notion that Asian Americans earn higher-than-average income obscures issues such as the "bamboo ceiling" phenomenon, where advancement into the highest-level managerial or executive positions is blocked, The "model minority" image is also seen as being damaging to Asian American students because their assumed success makes it easy for educators to overlook Asian American students who are struggling academically.Many Asian Americans are themselves not immigrants but rather born and raised in the United States.Asian Americans have been perceived, treated, and portrayed by many in US society as "perpetual" foreigners who are unable to be assimilated and inherently foreign regardless of citizenship or duration of residence in the United States.They are often perceived as polite and quiet, and less threatening than people of other races.Because Asians are seen like children, the perception is that they have little power, access, and control.

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