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More about that in a quick moment, but first, what is a steam canner?

You put your jars in on a rack, along with a bit of water, then put the cover on, then bring the water to a boil in order to produce steam, and then process the jars with the steam trapped inside by the cover.

Elizabeth Andress, project director at the National Center for Home Food Preservation, says: Atmospheric steam canning actually means that you are surrounding your jars in a steam environment and not in water at all.

We suppose the only downside is that steam canning does require a pot specially adapted for it, whereas water bathing could be done in any pot that you can jerry rig a bottom rack for. Any cooking vessel with a “wavy” bottom struggles to work satisfactorily on smooth stove tops because the heat transfer to those bottoms from flat tops is really inefficient.

Steam canners are safe on and work with all gas and regular coil electric stoves. It means it’s going to take you three times longer to hit the desired temperature, three times more energy to maintain that temperature, and, you can’t count on that temperature staying stable, to boot.

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A steam canner is a large-capacity pot designed to trap steam in it, and slowly release any excess steam in a controlled way.

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