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This site is running on the cloudflare-nginx webserver.The server side programming lanquage of the site is Phusion Passenger 5.0.26 .reports that an on-screen romance is moving off screen, as Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman are Hollywood's newest couple.Yes "Revenge" fans, Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson are dating in real life, although unlike their characters who are already engaged after just months of dating, a source tells the magazine "it's not serious" between the two, but "they hang out every night." The two even spent New Year's Eve together -- in Paris! I'm working on a chapter, but it's gonna be long and take a while, so enjoy this special little fun chapter! The cup was passed around until the girls all had a slip of paper in their hands. She watched Juvia's soul fly out of her mouth.

In response, Lucy sweat dropped and nodded to her friend. " Mira said, "In this cup are names of a few boys who also volunteered to participate! ' By 'volunteered' I think she means bribed' Lucy thought to herself.Angelina Jolie has been the focus of a number of unfathomable rumors since she announced she was filing for divorce from her now-estranged husband Brad Pitt, yet such rumors are often made more believable since the rumor that Jolie and Pitt were on the rocks and heading for a split, actually came to be the truth.Yet, the only recent reports about Angelina and Brad that can be considered factual are those stating that the former A-list couple are working amicably to settle their divorce case and custody battle, while ensuring to put their six children first on their list of priorities, as notes."[It shows that] they [the writers] are not afraid to go in co-stars—Gabriel (Nolan), Nick (Jack), Karine Vanasse (Margaux), and Elena Satine (Louise)—spent a rare night out together at an ABC party. Well, don't shoot the messenger, Nemily fans, but it doesn't sound like that's on the writers' radar for the time being."[Emily's] always just got so much going on in the love department! I think they've just been wanting to explore this new and crazy relationship with the father she thought was dead for all these years…There are so many things that happened, you know, and like everything she's been doing this for is right in front of her all of a sudden.And despite the fact that Nolan got hitched to Louise in the latest episode, let the record show: Gabriel Mann is still 100 percent Team Nemily (Nolan and Emily)."I've been waiting four years for that to happen! It's kinda tragic and sad in a lot of ways."And such good TV.

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