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The VIP Guided Tours will give Cowboys fans a chance to experience the place where the Dallas Cowboys train and work 355 days of the year.

With small group sizes and additional tour stops, the VIP Guided Tours are the ultimate tour experience.

We’re taking it one day at a time,” Dallas told Fancast.

As to his colossal screw-up in the episode that essentially cost them the race, Dallas says his passport and money were lost because production needed to change his mic’s battery, and he had to change cabs; in the confusion, his stuff was lost. I said, ‘I need a new taxi.’ So, as I was getting out to do the microphone change [the Amazing Race staff] undid my fanny pack with all my stuff in it because they had to get to the microphone.

Nick performs on the New York stage in an Off-Broadway musical called The Fantasticks, while Starr was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys for the past three seasons.

They're anxious to bring a new approach to the game and are motivated to strengthen their relationship.

Nick and Starr could practically be twins, and consider each other best friends, even though they rarely see each other due to distance.

They hope to strengthen their relationship on this adventure, but do worry that since they haven't spent much time together in several years that they could get on one another's nerves.

In other words, they won’t be standing near the final mat to cheer on the final three teams.

Retrieved from This brother/sister team will stop at nothing to win the Race.

Both are extremely driven and competitive, especially with one another.

They believe that their charisma, wit and relentless spirit will make for a dangerous combination.

We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of pulsars with an update on pulsar science.

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Tired of dating American girls, they have no loyalty.

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