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If we continued to ask why, and somebody answered "Well, I don't know," or "I don't care," but we pressed them for answers, eventually, we got some truth as to whether or not that person was self-aware.

I think that holds true for life, but on the show, it was clearly a way forward that proved to be very powerful.

Clinton Kelly has been executive editor at DNR, deputy editor at Mademoiselle, and contributing editor at Marie Claire."Stacy and Clinton have also become two of the most sought after fashion experts and TV personalities in the industry.We’re so proud to have had the two of them along with [makeup artist] Carmindy and [hair stylist] Ted [Gibson] as the glam squad behind this fan-favorite show, and the final episodes will definitely be a celebration of this monumental run." The series will return it its former home on Friday nights when the 10th season returns in July.The 8 million fans of TLC’s hottest show, What Not to Wear, know it as the place to go for real-life fashion advice.Now the show’s hosts, Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, offer spot-on fashion wisdom—with an attitude—in this fully illustrated, authoritative, and irreverent fashion guide to dressing your best for every occasion.

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Stacy London has been senior fashion editor at Mademoiselle and a fashion stylist for celebrities and worldwide advertising campaigns.

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