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The government’s reliance on procurement charges resulted from police not thoroughly investigating potential human trafficking cases for elements of force, fraud, or coercion and difficulty securing evidence from victims—prosecutors could pursue procurement cases without the cooperation of the victim.During the reporting period, the government created two new trafficking investigative units.While official complicity in human trafficking persisted, the government investigated 18 officials for allegedly creating fraudulent documents to provide workers employment abroad, and it prosecuted and convicted more traffickers than in the previous reporting period.However, the government did not meet the minimum standards in several key areas.At times, the government’s inconsistent identification of victims resulted in the penalization of victims for prostitution and for immigration violations committed as a result of the victim’s subjection to trafficking.

The Ministry of Women and Child Affairs (MWCA) continued to operate a shelter for female trafficking victims.During the reporting period, the SLBFE anti-trafficking unit received 62 complaints and referred 14 of the complaints to CID for further investigation of possible trafficking.Official complicity in trafficking offenses remained a serious problem.Procurement crimes, unlike trafficking, carry lesser penalties of up to 10 years imprisonment, although these cases are often brought before magistrate judges that are generally only authorized to issue sentences of up to two years imprisonment.During the reporting period, the criminal investigation department (CID) initiated seven trafficking investigations, compared with six investigations in 2015.

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