Spicy dating

There's also a crossover with Mama Bear in some cases.

This adorable idea from our Diva Becca gives your spouse a passport and a plan for various themed dates for different countries.

Dance With Me is about a Cuban Man who comes to America and finds work at a dance studio.

He introduces the strict ballroom dancers to his culture’s free-style of dancing.

Since it is Spanish Date Night you could also venture out and try Peruvian food, Argentine cuisine etc. You could even create a If you ARE a whiz in the kitchen (and I am so jealous about that) you could make some traditional foods such as tamales, empanadas, mole (pronounced mole-ay), flan, fried ice cream, and -of course- salsa & guacamole. My best recommendation would be to try making the creamy Shrimp enchilada’s from Angie’s Zorro Date Night –There are so many Latin beats to set the mood for your evening.

I prefer to use Pandora to keep the right style of music going all night long without any repeats.

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