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Recreates the lifestyles of British, French, and Colonial military forces that occupied the historic fort at various times between 17." The fort also holds living-history weekends throughout the year, including an "Old Tyme Christmas." Fort De Chartres State Historic Site.

An eighteenth-century fort built on the banks of the Mississippi River near Prairie du Rocher. There look to be lots of interesting volunteer opportunities for costumed demonstrators, capped by the annual reenactment of the Siege of Fort Wayne (women and children welcome, too! "Be greeted by authentically garbed historic interpreters performing the duties that were necessary to sustain life at an isolated fort, from baking bread to drilling with muskets or cannon.

Holds a variety of fun historical events, also in the Bay Area, sometimes in association with BAERS.

Periods vary, but recurring events include November's Le Bal des Vampires, featuring music, dancing, and costumes of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries with an emphasis on waltzes. Holds workshops on different aspects of historical costume detail and throws (often outdoor) events at which to wear costumes of various periods, usually including Regency; past events have included the Romantic Poetry Picnic and A Regency Day in Ireland.

Demonstrations include cooking on a reproduction 1840s wood-fired cookstove, printing on a reproduction Ramage printing press, and outdoor period games for children. Check the events schedule for docent training days. An annual event held at Fort Massac State Park in October.

"More than 500 participants, including members of 12 military reenactment regiments and more than 20 period crafters.

Womderful fun, and open to anyone who loves costuming. The Gaskell Ball is held every other month in Oakland in the grand Scottish Rite Temple.

Holds a variety of Regency events, mostly dances, in the San Francisco Bay Area.Traders' Row was host to well over 100 traders selling everything from kettle corn to tents to firearms and knives, beads and sarsaparilla to skins and period clothing of all sorts." You can attend as a camping re-eanactor (but you must register ahead) or a day visitor. Reenacting early-19th-century Hawaiian social history in various events and programs.On Kama'aina Days (the last Saturday of each month), museum interpreters dressed in period clothing guide visitors through the historic houses and discuss nineteenth-century life in Honolulu.For a great explanation of buckskinning and an intensive list of events in the upper midwest for buckskinners and military reenactors, I strongly recommend a visit to Eddie Little Bear's Tipi. A pretty serious group of reenactors, but much less militarily focused than most. Has "a core group of reenactors in Alberta, but members from across North America benefit from the information in the club's quarterly publication, Northwest Journal." Worldcon. A five-day event hosted by Fort Toulouse and Jackson State Park in Wetumpka, a public-oriented living-history event in November.As the name implies, this is in fact the product of a worldwide organization: the World Science Fiction Society. Well, for complex reasons, most Worldcons include a Regency ball. Also, "skilled reenactors such as the Tennessee Militiaman demonstrate the war of 1812 and the Creek war of 1813-1814 the first weekend of each month and the second week of November beginning November 6th." We Make History.

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