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If they do a Google search (or any other search engine) for just the website (, they can find out about it without exposing their e-mail address.

And if they look at even the first ten to twenty results or so, they can get a feel for how many people are complaining about it before they go there from the search engine.

Later today, I had another email from ***** congratulating me on becoming a member with my email address and password highlighted.

My question is: In your opinion, would they/could they have opened an account using my email address, even though I didn't open the email in my Outlook?

I still protect this one gem as if my life was hanging in the balance.

This has to stand as a testament to a prudent and cautious use of an email account.

Any so-called service that would subscribe you on a single click in an email that you never asked for isn't likely to be particularly well behaved when you ask to leave.

And hopefully the search results will have been enough to cool their curiosity. My sympathies to those that receive relentless spam. My first one, and my first time on the internet with my personal PC, has never received any spam in the 5 years I've used it.

I account this to being quite cautious [actually, terrified] over the years.

That way, you can get an idea about what the site is, without releasing specifically collected information about yourself. @ Notme, I see a problem with deleting - and by that, I assume you mean "relinquishing" - an email address that has been spammed.

If it won't let you proceed without the extra detail (such as Permission Denied, or webpage cannot be loaded), then forget them. Once you relinquish an email address, anyone can assume it and then send spam (or worse) in your name.

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