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Follow that Quiz" in UK) - Leftover School Dinners Dump 4) "Style Trial" - Pointy Pin Factory 5) "Pop Video" - Home for One Hit Wonders 6) "Quiz to the Future" - Broken Clock Factory / Tar Pit 7) "Broke Charles" (a.k.a. As contestants are eliminated, they are usually catapulted out of their seats as the hosts (and the remaining contestants) sing "You're Outta Here! The losing contestants are catapulted into a factory containing a nasty thing like 'Compost World' or 'Leftover School Dinners Dump' or 'Dirty Diaper Factory' or 'Concrete Pillow Factory', and then they are (sometimes) not seen for the remainder of the episode.

Note that the games used in each round and the contestants' interactions are based on the number of child contestants remaining, and that the game always ensures that a child contestant will always be the last remaining contestant.In addition to the British format, one contestant in each episode of Skatoony North America will be a guest contestant from a show from a Canadian animated series.Accordingly, a significant figure from the series will also be seen in the Skatoony opening sequence."TJ's Birthday"/"Happy Hair-Raising Birthday" in UK) - Sweaty Footballer's Pants Depot / Faulty Bagpipe Superstore 2) "Amusement Park" (a.k.a."Rollercoaster" in UK) - Rejected Hot Dog Meat Factory 3) "Follow that Quizblock" (a.k.a.

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"Robot Rampage" in UK) - Robo-World: Turning People Into Products for Over 20 Years 1) "Halloween" - Rotten Pumpkin World 2) "Stoopid Santa" - Fake Holly Factory The show's format is that three child contestants and three cartoon character contestants, making 6 contestants in all, compete in a quiz show lasting three rounds. , a rapid-fire true-or-false questioning round; with "Bang On! The first round always ends with having one live-kid and a cartoon contestant being eliminated.

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  1. Neither man achieved a knockout, and the contest was awarded to Puder on the basis of crowd reaction. In July 2005, he wrestled two dark matches for WWE, teaming with former Tough Enough champion Matt Cappotelli to face The Highlanders (Robbie and Rory Mc Allister).