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Tony De Ruvo, Senior Product Manager - New Product Initiatives – April 19, 2016 It’s spring time and love is in the air.

I’ll make a bold proposition that now is the time for SMS and Io T to start dating.

Application fatigue We are at the beginning of the Io T revolution and every service needs to develop and launch an application so that the device can inform the user about status, notification, or alerts.

For example, you want to monitor your activities – there’s a device and app for that.

You want to monitor your home alarm – there’s a device and app for that. Every Io T device at some point needs a corresponding application to inform and control.

In fact according to Gartner’s latest report – there are 6.3 billion connected devices growing to over 20 billion in the next four years (other analysts like Statista make estimates of 50 billion devices by 2020).

It strikes me that at all of these devices will have to communicate at some point with a human.

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Users have to swipe through pages and pages to get to the next device app.

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