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This is a historically SET drama that has a very modern look, feel, and importantly story to tell...I know younger viewers were key to ratings being double digits thanks to the amazing young talents they cast (ALL of them given significance and allowed to shine), but the story is much more mature than the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (aka Love in the Moonlight) sorts of stories...

Tho I must say the real issues I had was the romance,i have surely watched more trad dramas that you can feel the vibe of the romance,it was obvious YSH was really trying but truth be said, he was better at other scenes that weren't romance,i couldn't just feel anything from them. This story would have been better if gaeun remains as cp's first love, cp and hwa gun ending up together Hi I love Korean dramas and I have been watching many dramas but this drama ruler mater of mask is not that much good. I think story is good and some actors play good roles but they can make better. Yoo Seung-Ho and Kim So-Hyun amazingly portrayed their characters. The story is memorable and I love the fast pace of the series. Anyways but all others are cool and good :) :) It has become my one of my favorite Kdramas :) I'm not a fan both of them (YSH and KSY), but i like this couple as visual couple.

Maybe because I feel kind jealous to Yoo Seung Ho (I'm Kim So Hyun fan) :v .

But I don't feel their chemistry is as strong as Nam Ji Hyun and Seo In Guk in Shopping King Louis (which is really great drama).

The elders in the drama managed to make the horrible dialogue believable, so cudos to them. Moonlight has more of the hilarious parts and is has a lighter tone. But both dramas were entertaining to the fullest with very good looking leads and second leads, good acting from all including the villians, beautiful scenes and all. Not all characters are supposed to strong, brave and sacrificing. Hwa Gunn was strong willed, decisive and determined, understandably, as she was brought up in her villian grandfather's midst. There was nothing wrong with Ga Eun or Kim So Hyun's acting, as that was the role she was given.

Enough to make us wait impatiently for each episode as we sat glued to our seats. Ga Eun was soft, genteel but had strong loyalty and principles, just like her father and had empathy for the common folk. I hate Daemok tremendously, but that's because Heo's acting was so superb. It's not flawless (some part doesn't make sense:) but they don't drag misunderstanding between the character too long and too much......

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Crown Prince Lee Sun becomes a hope for the people who suffers.

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