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Our pay and benefit plans are equitable for each appropriate position, and we attest that Stillwater Radio, does not discriminate in hiring or promotion on the basis of sex, age, race or nationality.

222 Page Hall PO Box 1205 Langston, OK 73050 Pawnee College Human Resources Dept.This meeting was to share strategies on recruitment to Stillwater Radio and the OSU Summer Art Academy for which this employment entity lends media awareness.3rd Initiative On June 1, 2016, David Harrison, Stillwater Radio General Manager met with OSU Student Union Student Government Association Senior Administration Support Assistant Susan Simmons to outline career opportunities with Stillwater Radio which in turn she will convey to the various OSU Media Departments in regards to the broadcasting industry.Employees have been encouraged to advise their immediate supervisor of any complaints they may have of prejudice or discrimination in the workplace.Analysis of EEO Recruitment Programs/ Effectiveness/Pay/Benefit/Promotion and Selection Techniques Stillwater Radio, constantly analyzes its EEO Recruitment Program and to its effectiveness and outreach.

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At this job fair, prospective employees listened to a presentation in regards to opportunities within our company and the skills necessary for a successful career in broadcasting.

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