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As well as this, Mod the Sims offers a store where customers may purchase The Sims games, though there are no additional benefits for the customer.Whenever a new expansion comes out for the current version of The Sims, fairweather fans leap to reinstall the game and blow the dust off their old virtual households.

Unfortunately the distance at which this starts to happen is a little too generous, so it can be tricky to get a good screenshot when you’re in close quarters.

The purpose of this was to alleviate the social threads on MTS, so MTS could focus on modifying the game.

However, in May 2009 MTS and Sims 2 Community were merged into one site again.

EA Access subscribers on Xbox One will also be able to sample the game a week early starting on November 9.

IGN reviewed The Sims 4 when it initially released on PC nearly three years ago.

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