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When looking to build a relationship with someone, it goes without saying that their valuing your substance and you as a person is essential to making it work.

If every conversation is about physicality, you know where his attention is focused.

________________________________________ Unless he’s trying to see you, a player never talks to you. Is he talkative, romantic and friendly as the weekend is approaching or when he’s asking you to spend time together, but seems distant and much less eager to respond to texts any other time?

Sure, he might be busy with work, but this is 2014, people are constantly attached to their phones and he will find time to text you back if he really wants to.

________________________________________ A player talks one way, and acts another.

The bottom line is – if he’s still going to the same places he went to meet women before he met you, it’s a red flag.Words are nice, but they are always drowned out by actions.Early on in a relationship, watch what someone does more than what they say. _________________________________________________ A player avoids PDA like the plague.________________________________________ A player tells you things like you’re “too beautiful/hot/sexy/smoldering/intoxicating/etc.” to be single.This overused ‘compliment’ not only undermines your personality by suggesting the only reason you’d be with someone is because of your looks – but it also shows you that’s what he’s clearly focusing on.

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