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Should you opt to connect via USB, all you’ll need is the USB cable that came with your phone.When you’re ready to proceed, click Start to begin streaming.Or perhaps it’s your boss, wanting a teleconference to discuss that report you submitted. Although they come built into many monitors and all-in-one PCs, not everyone has a webcam.Peripheral webcams are popular, but they can prove tricky to install and temperamental even when they’re set up correctly., but time has moved on.

Lavish loves to follow up on the latest happenings in technology.Like many times before, Google has turned a good idea into something incredibly useful, while preserving simplicity and ease of use and thus making it fantastic. We’ve been looking at the free options for each of these apps, and there is a good reason for this.If the free version works and is competent, then there’s a strong chance that the full version will be equally — if not more — impressive.Download: Droid Cam for Android (Free/Premium)A strong alternative to Droid Cam, IP Webcam is also available as a free app from Google Play, with a premium upgrade available (.99). Only Chrome or Firefox are accepted here, so Windows users can’t use internet Explorer as it doesn’t stream correctly.You’ll need to use the ADDRESS]:8080/videofeed URL to view the feed.

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The software is unique in its kind and performs a very uncommon task of converting a phone into a webcam.

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