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People up to 29 years of age should have sex around 115 times per year.People from 30 to 41 are advised to have from 75 to 86 times in the year.If you’re into that kind of stuff you should watch that other HBO show. While for some twice a week is enough, many people consider this a lot and there are those who think this is not enough and it doesn’t satisfy their needs.Even though having sex is something personal and the wish for it should come naturally as you feel like it, there are studies being conducted all around the world practically telling you what the minimum sexual activity you should be having according to their scientific discoveries is.On the account of this, the institute of Kinsey conducted research for the sexual frequency and according to scientists, it was the most accurate one.

People of 54 and above have a sexual intercourse around 50 to 55 times, yearly speaking.(straight/direct quotation from the preface), and that and what a little bit worse.In the center Of sekhchyuart there is and itself the author: she calls itself Chrank, and to it lead more than twenty lines.Jason tops the list when it comes to hookups, but also Sam has been a busy boy.Sookie’s hooked up with basically every male lead except Jason.

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You've heard it before: Our digital lifestyle is changing priorities, including in the bedroom.

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