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On Google , Michael Interbartolo — who worked for ten years on the Space Shuttle Program in Mission Control in Houston — just posted about this amazing video from cameras mounted on the Shuttle solid rockets as they rode into space.

3 years ago, Philippe, John and other friends went to Thailand together. They came back with many great stories and told me that next time, I should be part of the team. They wanted to have the same experience with me somewhere else in Europe where we can share the maximum of fun together.The next day, I received an email at work from my colleagues in Zagreb, whom I never met before, asking me if I went to Croatia this summer and if I posted a video because my clip was all over the news. Later that day, I received a call at the office from the Tourist Board of Croatia. Ratomir Ivicic, the director, was actually in Paris the same day and wanted to see me in order to thank me for my video.I guess that was the moment I realised it actually went viral.This includes of course sun, beaches, drinks, and music.That’s the first things we are looking for when we travel with good friends.

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A destination that can provide a lot of good memories and funny stories to tell.

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