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Gabe holds a Master’s of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois, and studied English literature and creative writing at Valparaiso University.Anna Robb, Department of English Anna Robb is a doctoral student in the department of English, studying 19-century American literature and feminist science studies.Saniya Ghanoui, History Department Saniya is a media historian researching the social history of sex hygiene films in the United States and Sweden.Her current work looks at how sex hygiene films transitioned from public theaters to schools and issues of censorship, technology, and sexuality; examines the films’ position and status; and explores their place in sex education curricula.Drawing on interdisciplinary perspectives and methods from internet studies, science and technology studies, and feminist theory, she considers the information behaviors of people as they navigate an increasingly wired/wireless world.Beth’s current research projects examines the intersection of humans and machines with a particular emphasis on interfaces and the (cyborg) body as a digitized information resource.Before coming to the i School at Illinois, she worked for many years as the Women’s Studies Librarian at the University of Michigan and served in many leadership roles for the Women and Gender Studies Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Her current research interests include the inequity of participation in small groups based on verbal competence and the counteractive use of extra-talking methods such as applied theater, with particular emphasis on restorative justice settings.

Krystal Cooper, Graduate School of Information Sciences Krystal Cooper is pursuing her interests in digital humanities, analytics, and archiving as a master’s student at GSLIS and as a graduate assistant with the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS). Kinyetta Nance, Graduate School of Information Sciences My research focus is on the social design of technical systems (mobile and web applications) for diverse user groups which embodies both interaction design as well as user experience.

She also is broadening her educational scope through participation in scholars programs of various multidisciplinary organizations, and has participated in the Computing Research Association: Women’s 2016 Grad Cohort Workshop, the goal of which is to prepare female graduate students for leadership roles in fields related to computing through mentoring and community building. My research utilizes Design Thinking (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test) as a method to approach the complex problems encountered during the product development and user acquisition phase.

Their focus centers around online communities (Reddit and 4chan), virtual worlds (Second Life), and trolling.

Other research concerns include the design and power of infrastructure and interfaces, queer theory, and representation in computer gaming.

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