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Together we can find the best strategies to give you relief from your distress and to help you gather the skills, knowledge and insight necessary to move forward.""I work with adults and adolescents to help support them in finding life vitality.The ups and downs of life are sometimes hard to navigate, but definitely worth the work.Whether you desire to improve your parenting skills, assist your struggling teen or clear your path to living more authentically, I would enjoy joining you along your journey toward your greatest health.""Are you overwhelmed with Worry, Sadness, Uncertainty? How would your life or relationships be different after Therapy?There can be effective ways to manage and gain better understanding of the issues, feelings and questions facing you.Longing for a deeper sense of meaning and satisfaction in your life or your relationship?

Whatever challenges you are facing, we'll work together to develop your resourcefulness, and expand your sense of possibility and freedom.I have a passion for assisting clients find their way in the world.I have spent many years guiding adults and adolescents in life transitions.""I work with adults and adolescents to help support them in finding life vitality.Our goal is to help you live more fully embodied in the world, relate more directly and authentically with others, and meet the world with a spirit of possibility and play.Visit our website or call or email to set up an initial free conversation. ""We'll support you as you explore your situation, work toward "gut level" change, make new choices, and claim the freedom that is yours here and now.

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I offer a warm and accepting environment where you can feel safe and supported to do the inner work needed for growth and change.""I am passionate about my role as a helper and the partnership that is created when I work with adolescents, adults, and seniors on their journeys toward wellness.

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  1. On Sunday nights, she gets a lot of pediatric video appointments from parents asking about pink eye, rashes or other ailments that leave parents wondering, "Can my kids go to day care? Joanna Leach of Meriden has Anthem coverage and has used the video service twice.

  2. This activity would also be easy to adapt when talking about half-lives within a chemistry course. Also, review what a half-life is (info given the day prior during lecture/ notes/ reading).

  3. The uniformly light color of the sandstone surfaces explains why the Neolithic artists had to incise or peck the images deeply into the rock: so that sunlight raking across them would cast shadows demarcating the outlines of the figures.