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The coolest bit is that you don’t have to use a coupon or discount card, instead, once an eligible purchase has been made, the credit goes straight back onto their card.

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are particularly prone to traffic sniffing and malware distribution since they’re not password-protected and anyone can access them.

So someone sitting near you in the Westfield food court, pretending to be checking Facebook, may really be intercepting your traffic to see every bit of information you access, including your banking deets.

Be safe and keep to secure Wi-Fi hotspots, and when you are using free (unsecure) avoid accessing private information.

National security concerns, the need to fight terrorism and crime, and issues regarding child protection have resulted in the state introducing extensive surveillance measures over online communications as well as filtering and tracking practices.

In some cases these are encouraged or required by the state and used by state agencies.

In others they are voluntarily implemented by private operators (e.g., internet service providers).

The filtering program has applied to new ISP customers since the end of 2013, and has been extended to existing users on a rolling basis.If you ever receive something that looks like it’s from your bank with a click through link, delete it and let your bank know.If you are always on the go and often use Wi-Fi, invest in anti-virus software for your smartphone.While credit cards can be dangerous, if you exercise control and restraint, they can be a great way to get discounts and benefits — not to mention a good credit rating that will help when you get a home loan.American Express has a new program called Amex Offers which gives card holders discounts at everyday stores like David Jones, Liquorland and Woolworths.

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Find second-hand steals with community buying and selling app Bountye, which launched in Australia this month.

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