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If there's anything you want to share, let us know in a forum post! The game was basically me naming an object or an objective, then having everyone show it or do it on cam.SHOUTBOX: The shoutbox is at the top of almost every page here at Orgasmanic. Most of the requests had bonus options for more specific objects/objectives.My Dictionary defines chronic as: "Marked by long duration or frequent recurrence." Since I have been a masturbator since I was in the crib (long duration) and have had a daily masturbation habit since age five (frequent recurrence), I can say truthfully that I am a textbook Chronic Masturbator. Of course there can, just as there can be a philosophy of any aspect of human behavior.But there is more to the question, isn't there? And that philosophical take on my solo sex life is what illuminates my answer to the question.

I remember being ten or eleven, hearing a classmate describe (with disconcerting relish) how his father had punished his brother for masturbating, and being appalled that anyone should do such a thing.

Someone new came into O chat the other day (English was not their native language btw).

After chatting a bit, this guy asked a girl if he could view her. We have forums, a photo gallery, a webcam-enabled chat room and more... ) and will give you access to member profiles, private member photos, private messenging, our chat room... Orgasmanic consists of a forum, member pic gallery, shoutbox and audio/video chat room, among other things I cover each of these in more detail below.

But it would not be until my teens that I would achieve the self-confidence to bring up masturbation in conversation with friends.

As to the question of when I became chronic, that is a little bit subtler.

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Make sure to click on the Profile dropdown menu to update your own profile and add some pics (nudity is not only allowed, it's highly encouraged! FYI, you can easily view ALL member pics in our member pics gallery by clicking Members - Member Pics.

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