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Description: INTERNATIONAL HYDROGRAPHIC ORGANIZATION Facts about Electronic Charts and Carriage Requirements IHO Publication S-66 – Edition 1.0.0 January 2010 Published by the International Hydrographic B...

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Alarm functionality, on the path to meaninglessness, multiplies swiftly to the point of profound expectation.

Vendors do not intend this, yet naval architects and designers remain unaware of the inevitable operator capitulation to automation.

But letting go operationally also seems to include the rapid decay of asking the Navigational Question. How should mariners practice participation in navigational systems that both exclude them and yet require their attention? Numerous shipboard navigational functions, some exceptionally complex, and often designed into the very purpose of the vessel, enable the commercial contract, or may be critical to a military mission.

Most of the time, the Navigational Question seems to involve asking ‘What.’ ‘What’ questions involve asking how things work, how systems work together, and why things are or are not as they appear.

Asking ‘when’ is particularly elusive, partly because marking elapsed time is subconscious, and is highly vulnerable to distraction.

This form of perception and analysis is at once tedious, open to mistaken assumptions, and easily formulated in software logic.

Counting and inspection are soon automated into TCPA, Safety Depth, Cross Track Distance, minimum depth, position offset, etc.

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