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A well designed form can aide efficiency and improve data entry accuracy, so it is worth learning the essentials like tables to save yourself time, editing costly errors.

Access has four methods that seem to be similar and often get new VBA users confused.

It can be confusing and cause considerable frustration when you use a shotgun approach to the four terms.

I don't want users to see the screen 'flicking' around as the code moves between cells and worksheets Any help gratefully recieved Dan Dan Auber Dan [email protected], The code to stop the screen updating is Application. Msg Box "Macro complete", vb OKOnly vb Information, "Title"Application.

I select a record on the subform, then use the button on the main form to move it down.

What happens is that it grabs the sequence number, finds the next in sequence and gives it a new sequence number (existing number -1) and gives the selected record a new sequence number (existing number 1).

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Here is what each of the methods does, and how they are different. It goes to the database and runs the underlying query again. There is a textbox that has a formula that gives a total price (e.g. If you use recalc on the Lost Focus event of both quantity and price textboxes, you will recalculate the total price. Refresh Refresh is sort of like requery except that it only updates the records on the screen.

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