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Now, after reading this thread, I'm worried about my i Pod.So, it seems that I will have one day the same problems with an overloaded i Tunes DB...Even with hundreds of playlists with thousands of songs that is unlikely.Every playlist has a description (let's say 1k) and the song ids (let's say 100 bytes per song), so your playlists will never account for more than a few MBs.Hi I also have the 240GB i Pod (upgrade from a 60GB).Until now, I haven't had any problem with my /- 20 000 titles (125 GB) on it.It will only create the i Tunes DB on you i Pod, as it does not keep any state on you PC (as i Tunes does). If using cygwin/command line tools are too much for you, you probably want to use other free tools that have a GUI such as Songbird and Floola that will run on Windows.

is the itunesdb playlist limitation something specific only with Apple stock firmware & Itunes software? is there any such issue using rockbox and windows explorer to drag&drop files?After upgrading my 5th generation 30GB i Pod Video to 240GB everything worked fine with several GB worth of data.However, when I loaded 200GB of mp3s the i Tunes DB was 44MB and did not get recognized.Or, could you tell me how to use this gnupod script on Vista?Is this for tweaking only the i Tunes DB on your i Pod, or do you also have to strip all optional attributes from the i Tunes music library on your PC?

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So I bought a second hand 5.5G 80GB i Pod Video and converted it to 240GB. Using gnupod I was able to remove some unneeded mhod entries and cut the i Tunes DB down to 34MB which worked just fine. My 30 gb upgraded ipod can't handle more than 18,000 (estimated) songs.

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