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The 100th episode of the USA legal drama, directed by series star Patrick J.

Adams, brought back a few familiar faces, including Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris), the love of Louis' (Rick Hoffman) life and his one that got away.

Louis is getting better as a human being but he's certainly not — I wouldn't hire him as a nursery school teacher just yet.

Donna is further ahead in that part of someone's life.

That guy, as the character says in this episode, "It's been so long since something good has happened to me." The guys deserves to have something good happen to him after the breakup! He might have been a real douche years ago, but we clearly see how much he's improved.

You have to feel a little something for the guy, I'd hope.

," Patrick Van Dorn opposite John Stamos on ABC's "Jake in Progress," Freddy Sacker on Darren Star's "The Street," Jerry Best in "The Bernie Mac Show," and Terry Loomis in the critically acclaimed Stephen Bochco drama "Philly." He also recurred on TNT's "Dark Blue," and "Commander and Chief." His numerous guest star credits include "Law & Order: Los Angeles," "Monk," "Without A Trace," "Leverage," "Lie to Me," and "Human Target." Hoffman studied acting from John Strasberg School of Acting and the University of Arizona Theatre Department.Louis has worked so hard on controlling his impulses and making progress this season. Rick Hoffman: You see at the end of the episode that he does enter the room, so one can only imagine how that night goes based on that insanely ridiculous conversation they had of what she wants to do to him.It will obviously throw a nice little bomb into the entire Louis progression.Imogen is usually off camera but for this particular scene, Patrick stood there and he read those lines like he was Sheila, which was kind of hilarious. Hoffman: I'm cracking up thinking about it too because he would direct me and then get right back into doing Sheila.One of the things I loved about this episode was the parallel between Louis and Donna at the end of the episode as they both make these big decisions about their romantic partners.

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