Removing old files after updating

Did you know that each time you installed a Geforce driver update the old files get left behind on your system? However, with the introduction of the NVIDIA Geforce Experience it has gotten even worse.

There are now three locations that get filled with unused files.

And these files from previous version cause a lot of problems ... (Delete everything except the files below .svn-folders).

I have checked drush's code, but I don't see, where files from previous version are removed. After having deleted all files, the extracted files are in the right place to be committed [email protected]: pm-updatecode will notice that your module is checked into svn, and it therefore will not back it up.

In Detail: When updating the location module from 5.x-2.7 to 5.x-3.0, the file location.theme should be removed from the folder and from subversion, because It doen't exists in Location 3.0. The backup process also removes all files, so when backup is skipped, the old files remain.

But in my example, drush does not recognize and remove the file. Because nothing in the pm-updatecode process removed the old file, there will be no !

It's not recommended to update production sites without prior testing. [notice] Executing: wget [notice] --2010-04-25 -- Auflösen des Hostnamen »«.... This is definitely not the expected behaviour seeing as without drush, the recommended update procedure involves deleting the old module directory, and replacing it with the new one. Can someone confirm that it is safe/recommended to simply empty the directories of the modules to be updated? They are heavily used but not super well maintained. commands/pm/inc -0000 @@ -367,6 366,19 @@ if ((drush_get_option('version-control', 'backup') ! The test still does not work right, as version control is detected automatically from the presence of svn, etc.; so, rather than checking drush_get_option('version_control', ...), the $version_control object must be consulted. using svnsync makes no difference one way or the other. There was a restart of my computer and I thought that would have done it, but it was only the installation of a driver for the laptop touch pad. I thought that the old windows 7 - in the windows_old folder would be deleted by now.However in reality you usually update your driver without the “perform a clean install” checkbox. You get a ton of files inside the actual driver installation directory that are completely useless! Hereafter you can uninstall the Geforce Experience as if nothing happened.The final location is not something Nvidia can be blamed for.

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