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Rosie tells him to be nice because Lucinda has had a hard life.

Reggie scoffs, asking how sponging off her father makes her life hard.

Later on, at Kenneth's birthday, Reggie is there, and Didi shows off as the doting wife.

Lucinda tells Rosie that Reggie handles the will so every time he shows up, Didi is on her best behavior. Kenneth finally manages to slam his fist down on the table. Rosie declares she works for him and not Lucinda and Didi. Reggie is so pleased with Kenneth's progress since Rosie began caring for him that he asks her out to dinner. The next day, Rosie is taking care of Kenneth and filling him in on all the sordid details of her affair with Spence.

After Lucinda finishes going off on Kenneth, the latter meets up with Reggie and tells him that he'd like to make his nephew P. She lies and says that Reggie is her immigration lawyer when he arrives, and Reggie is clearly not happy.

The three friends immediately stop and look around, acting innocent. She will be working for his Uncle Kenneth, a man who had a stroke, his thirty year old wife Didi, and Ken's daughter from his first wife, Lucinda.

Reggie Miller is a supporting character on Devious Maids.

As an immigration lawyer, he was originally found and paid for by the maid friends of Rosie Falta, whose case he helped to win...

that is, until she ultimately betrayed him to his family, with whom he landed her a job.

When he started stealing money from his uncle, Kenneth, and put plots in motion to get rid of Kenneth's wife and daughter, Rosie could take no more and ensured that he got what was coming to him by using his own "romantic" gifts against him and having him end up back in court - this time as the criminal.

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