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His actions during that time drew the ire of the South. He wanted to be remembered as somebody who could make great changes.”Later on, following a nine-year stint away from movies, he made “A Dry White Season,” concerning Apartheid.His latest film — “Countess from Hong Kong,” which found the Method actor stumbling his way through Charlie Chaplin’s swan song — was banned in certain states. He donated his salary an anti-Apartheid foundation.

Badgley got the role in Gossip Girl in 2006, when he was 19, and has been trying to distance himself from it ever since.

“Gossip Girl is certainly not my driving, passionate force in life, obviously,” he told reporters.

He wanted to be an “artist,” he said, but found himself “on a fucking TV show” instead, and wondered, often enough, What the fuck am I doing?

I’m very happy, how about I give you that.” You’re a great liar Robert, how about I give you !

Penn Badgley slaloms up to me in Tompkins Square Park on a skateboard, wearing a gray sweatshirt and red sneakers, recognizable but unrecognized as the disaffected starlet-boy of the rococo teen soap Gossip Girl, which concluded its sixth and final season in December.

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The film, Greetings From Tim Buckley, is named for Jeff’s father, another mythic folksinger who also died young, of a heroin overdose, in 1975.

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