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They also are taught that, in the end, they are solely responsible for their own safety and security.

As one participant put it at the Hub, “Big things are coming …

“This particularly goes for people you are operating with,” he says.

“They are not your friends; they are criminal co-defendants … military formed a research team, Purple Dragon, to discover the source of these early warnings.

Notably, the Grugq’s presentation includes multiple favorable references to the agencies of state power, including the military, which is not surprising given operations security’s provenance: the Vietnam war, according to a heavily redacted, formerly top secret U. In other words, operations security increased the body counts.Markets are, after all, fine places for people to exploit one another.Similarly, OPSEC politics orients dark web market participants to the wider world of unsecured information.Cazes’s “one mistake,” which law enforcement agents exploited, was failing to keep these identities apart.The Redditor called this a “simple OPSEC mistake,” drawing on military jargon for “operations security,” and other Redditors and dark web forum participants also reminded one another: “Let’s keep our OPSEC on point here people.” This is far from the first time dark web market participants have invoked “OPSEC.” The term is a keyword for dark web markets, regularly appearing in thousands of forum posts, particularly in the wake of the last great market bust — of Silk Road in late 2013.

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