Race preference in dating

The argument that you can know whether or not someone is a good person with a strong work ethic just by looking at them is beyond ridiculous.

Such a train of thought arbitrarily privileges some groups over others based on the positive or negative stereotypes that underpin their race.They aren’t a demarcation of any kind of fundamental individuality or any of the things that make you you. You can’t possibly claim that you know for a fact that every single person of a given race or ethnicity has no chance of falling in love with you based entirely on physical appearance.Many people will use the “exposure” excuse as a justification for their preferences, asserting that they have very little experience interacting with a certain group.Saying that you only want to date a specific race is equally problematic because it defines someone by their ethnicity.Assuming that someone’s racial background gives them more desirable qualities reflects harmful histories of colonialism and the exotification and fetishization that went along with it.

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